It is assumed that there is always a DAILY MASS, unless otherwise announced here.  So when you don’t find any announcement in this space, it means there is mass for the day.  Welcome to the Church!  

Daily Mass:

Mondays to Thursdays: Mass at 6:15AM in Khmer

Fridays: Rosary/Adoration at 6:30PM; Mass at 6:55PM in Khmer

Saturdays: Mass at 6:30PM in English

Sundays:  Mass at 7:30AM (MORNING) in Khmer, with Homily also in English.  Remember, there is only this one mass except the following:

First Sunday of the Month: 5:00PM French Mass, except this December; French Mass will be on December 22, 5:00PM

Third Sunday of the Month: 11:00AM Korean Mass