It is assumed that there is always a DAILY MASS, unless otherwise announced here.  So when you don’t find any special announcement in this space, it means there is mass for the day.  Welcome to the Church!  


Daily Mass:

Mondays to Thursdays: Mass at 6:15AM in Khmer

Fridays: Rosary/Adoration at 6:30PM; Mass at 6:55PM in Khmer

Saturdays: Mass at 6:30PM in English

Sundays:  Mass at 7:30AM (MORNING) in Khmer, with Homily also in English.  Remember, there is only this one mass except the following:

First Sunday of the Month: 5:00PM French Mass, except this December; French Mass will be on December 22, 5:00PM

Third Sunday of the Month: 11:00AM Korean Mass