Regular Masses. Come and join us!

Monday – Friday: 6:30AM Mass in Khmer

Saturday: 6:30PM in English

Sunday: 8:30AM in Khmer (Khmer and English Homily)

Last update:  April 25, 2022. 



Welcome to the Catholic Parish of St. John the Apostle in Siem Reap, Cambodia.  We are a young Church, rising from the ruins of war and a genocidal regime.  We live with joy in our simple lives and in the little things we have!  For us it is a moment of regathering what was left behind after the war, and a moment of hopefulness and joy as we teach the faith and ways of love and peace to a new generation of Cambodians in whose heart and culture the seed of the Word of God has been sowed.

Welcome to the only Catholic Church in Siem Reap!  There is no other CATHOLIC Church in this city.  Our other masses would be in our outstations (in villages) where we also maintain various social works and catechism programs.

Join us.  You can come to the church every day, anytime from 6:15am to 6:00pm to pray.  Be ready to sit on the floor like when you are in the Buddhist temple.  But there are folding chairs that you can use.  We have a souvenir shop where we sell carvings and religious articles, most of them made locally.  If you need to contact the priests, press here.


Check out our VILLAGE CHURCHES and PROGRAMS in Siem Reap if you’re looking for sites to visit, looking for mass schedule and other Catholic celebrations, or searching for outreach options.

Join us!