At a Glance

Last update: June 2019.  PLEASE VERIFY:  See Special Announcements about Masses HERE.

Welcome to the Catholic Parish of St. John the Apostle in Siem Reap, Cambodia.  We are a young Church, rising from the ruins of poverty and genocidal regime.  We live with joy in the little things we have and with hope in God’s continued grace upon us!

The suffering of Cambodia has been deep.
From this suffering comes great compassion.
Great compassion makes a peaceful heart.
A peaceful heart makes a peaceful person.
A peaceful person makes a peaceful community.
A peaceful community makes a peaceful nation.
A peaceful nation makes a peaceful world.
May all beings live in peace.

The Catholic Church in Siem Reap strives to be an instrument of this peace—the kind of peace that comes when we experience God as a compassionate Father and when we embrace our others as brothers and sisters. We are strive to be a community with a compassionate heart for the disadvantaged and those in the peripheries of society. Please join us in our mission, through your involvement and prayers. To date, we have one church in the city (our main pastoral center), and seven churches/centers in villages around Siem Reap which you can visit for Mass and immersion.

Check out our CHURCHES and PROGRAMS in Siem Reap if you’re looking for sites to visit, looking for mass schedule and other Catholic celebrations, or searching for outreach options.

Join us!