At a Glance

Last update: June 2019.  PLEASE VERIFY:  See Special Announcements about Masses HERE.

Siem Reap, Cambodia showcases the rich culture and tradition of the country. It is home to the world renowned Angkor Wat and several other UNESCO heritage sites.

As you explore the people and places in Siem Reap, you’ll also discover the thriving presence of the Catholic Church in the province. We are a small minority in this country that holds Buddhism as the national religion.  We work with government institutions and various groups to bring God’s loving kindness and compassion to everyone, especially the most disadvantaged.  To date, we have 1 church in Siem Reap City (our main pastoral center), and 7 centers in villages around Siem Reap which you can visit for mass celebrations and immersion in the village life.

Check out our CHURCHES and PROGRAMS in Siem Reap if you’re looking for sites to visit, looking for mass schedule and other Catholic celebrations, or searching for outreach options.

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