St. John’s Catholic Church in Siem Reap City


Monday: 6:30 Morning (Khmer)

Tuesday: 6:30 Morning (Khmer)

Wednesday: 6:30 Morning (Khmer)

Thursday: 6:30 Morning (Khmer)

Friday: 6:30 Morning (Khmer)

Saturday: 6:30 EVENING (English)

Sunday: 8:30 Morning (Khmer)

Welcome to the Catholic Church of St. John the Apostle in Siem Reap, Cambodia, the only Catholic Church in this city.  It is wooden church, built in a very simple style.  During mass, most of us sit on the floor, just like Buddhists do in Pagodas.  Church is open daily from 6:00am-6:00pm.   The building you see in front is the priests’ house and office. Walk straight ahead from the gate to reach the church.

Every Sunday, hot Rice Soup is served to children and those who need food at 7:15am. The Catechism classes follow. Sunday Mass in Khmer is at 8:30am. Schedule of Masses.

Join us.  Follow links to find out about our satellite communities and programs and how you can participate especially in our outreach works in the villages and among the youth and children. 

Please contact the Priests can assist you if you need.  

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