Student Hostel

The St. Joseph Student Hostel serves 7 satellite areas serviced by the St. John Catholic Church in Siem Reap, Cambodia.


Since 2014, the hostel has catered to university students from the villages who attendsdr university in Siem Reap.  Just recently, high school students from the villages who attend secondary school in Siem Reap have also joined the growing family.  As they make it their home for the duration of their education, the students are also given the opportunity for further formation in faith, values and leadership. This year, 3 students  excelled in their course and classes.

One religious sister and a staff coordinate the work of formation and management in the hostel. Over the years, this little home has grown with the number of students who want to stay during their school days. We continue to express our gratitude to our partners whose generous assistance have greatly aided the hostel’s operation.

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