Prek Toal – St. Joseph Parish

Prek Toal is a floating village in the northeastern tip of Battambang Province. In February 2006, the church in Siem Reap City found out about the existence of a community in Prek Toal who called themselves “the Christmas Group.”  It was started by an elderly lady, who was baptized in 1972 in Phnom Penh. Her simple, joyful and faithful life attracted many people.  On their own, they prayed the Catholic way and celebrated the birth of Jesus.   

A floating church and learning center was built for the community, and blessed on the 12th of November 2006. Held here are several programs including catechism, liturgical celebrations, rice soup feeding and values education for the children, Khmer and English literacy classes for adults and youths, as well as community education on relevant topics. Medical missions are conducted whenever doctors are around.  Lately, a group of young people – Buddhists and Catholics – have been organized to advocate for the Caring of Creation.

Programs and Activities

1. Mass
2. Kindergarten
3. English class
4. Youth Formation
5. Rice Soup Program

Location and Contact Details

Prek Toal Village
Khocheyveang Ek Phnom
Battambang Province

  • Priest in Charge
    Fr. Totet Banaynal, SJ
    Mobile: 012 911 147
  • Parish Contact
    Mr. Bun Loem
    Mobile: 011 572 443


We are twinned with the St. Ethelreda Roman Catholic Parish in Ely, East Anglia.