It was not too long ago when Cambodia last saw the atrocities of war that destroyed life, homes, and properties. Yet in the people who were forced into toil and sorrow, there lay incomparable strength and resilience to rise above the suffering and heal. Over the years, hope continues to grow in their hearts and in the land.

The Handicapped Jesus

Faith has been one of the rays of sunshine that overcame the dark times, and eventually the aftermath, of the years of conflict in Cambodia. The long-standing Buddhism coexists peacefully with Islam, and the relatively young Catholic Church and other Christian denominations. Serving the people became the common ground.

It is in this context that the Apostolic Prefecture of Battambang and its parishes, including St. John the Apostle Catholic Church in Siem Reap, designed its programs. Such programs aim to work toward healing wounds among the people and develop communities that share faith in and love of Jesus, strive for reconciliation and justice, promote Cambodian art and culture, and facilitate inter-religious dialogue and cooperation.

The programs in the Catholic communities in Siem Reap include the following:

  1. Rice Soup Program
  2. One Egg a Day
  3. Learning Centers
  4. Women’s Health Education
  5. Jesus Farm
  6. Catechism
  7. Student Hostel
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