Farm Products

The community enterprise is closely linked with the Jesus Farm, in New Peak Sneng Village.  The farm’s freshly harvested organic vegetable and fruit produce are sold by volunteers at the Sunday Fresh Market on parish grounds after the 07:30AM Mass.  A wide variety of luscious greens, fruits and root crops are available for sale at very reasonable prices.


Supporting this enterprise and buying local goes a long way in supporting the farmers in the village.  Come see us on Sundays and partake of the earth’s bounty!

Wood Carvings

In St. John the Apostle Catholic Church, wood carvings form the other important aspect of our community enterprise.  The Cambodian people are tremendously gifted in the art of wood crafts.  In and around Siem Reap are numerous “cottage industries” involving wood carvings done by the locals  in their very own backyards.  Thus, the Church provides a venue for these local artisans to showcase their talents while at the same time earning honest remuneration from the works of their hands.

Visit our St. John’s Gift Shop at the Parish grounds and help support our local artisans!